Keith Mayerson

Andrew Tondo

This is a painting done from life of my husband Andrew Madrid—we have been together now almost 30 years, and at this moment of the painting, he was encouraging me to paint not from photos, but from the life around me, including him, the love of my life. Painting this and other works at that time was a true epiphany, and I continue to paint "en plein air" but also from my photos that I have taken (like the new Berlin paintings in this exhibition), where I have a true connection beyond the conceptual narrative conceits of my work and shows. This exhibition in a way is my autobiography in painting and drawing, with the counterbalance of the great German Masters that inspired me in my youth and continue to productively provoke. This work is particularly personal, as it hung on our walls of our beloved California cabin, Andrew's childhood vacation home that we now live in—although this picture was created in NYC, it reminds me of the country, the parameters of the to-do seems to create in my mind la hat Andrew would wear gardening, the expressive paint bringing about his loving soul.