Keith Mayerson

Berlin Track and Field Awards

On my recent flâneur trip to Berlin, I was drawing a watercolor of the famous Mercedes Star, and I overheard a large event that was happening on the other side of the Kaiser Wilhelm church and went to investigate. Alas, it was the climax of the Berlin European Athletics Track and Field awards, with many happy heroic women athletes receiving that night's medals. Even more interesting, perhaps, was turning around as the Berliner crowd was leaving the stands. The wonderful array of peoples, there to celebrate their athletes, was just as invigorating. To see the good spirit of the city, and excited and tired peoples warmed my heart, with the church in the background it was a fascinating array of old and new, the tired but happy people of Berlin, calm but celebratory, so different from the frantic energy of the States right now, I wanted to be a part of it all in this great city.