Keith Mayerson

Cadinot, 1998

Cadinot was an infamous French pornographer, who in his transgressive and transcendent films, not only displayed men having gay sex, but in larger narratives where, like a Pasolini or Fassbinder, dealt with class and race issues in compelling, melancholic stories that could be watch beyond titillation to a world unknown to many, but as Pasolini would describe, a "sub-proletariat". Somehow his characters would thrive beyond the Patriarchal hegemony, but with a wonton wanderlust. This is a scene from one of his films, where the actor/model is contemplating a scene, smoking a cigarette, lost in his thoughts. When I was young, when I watched these films and painted this picture, his worlds seemed truly a free space where LGBTQ characters could live their lives in reckless harmony, a utopic world of sensual dreams.