Keith Mayerson

Julian and Rosa

These are my two, now deceased dogs Julian the German Shepard and Rosa the Poodle. Julian had just passed, and I wanted to commemorate him by this painting, that was not for sale for many moons. I love the movie Rembrandt, starring Charles Laughton as the heroic painter—in the film, his beloved Saskia dies, and his friends come upon him while he is painting a memento mori of her, "Rembrandt, why are you here painting and not attending Saskia's funeral?!", to which he replies "Go away! I want to paint her while I can still remember her!". I love this scene, and this reason for making art, connecting to and channeling the subject matter despite the circumstances, and wanted to remember Julian and evoke his spirit (Rosa had yet to pass) while he was still fresh in my mind, petting him by painting the strokes of his fur. Despite many of the "post-modern" like paintings in my studio, visitors were always drawn to this work, which I couldn't let go of until recently, when Kirsten Weiss asked for it—at the time, about to move to California from NYC, I thought it would be good time to let go, and let the pets have a new happy home, post-mortem.