Keith Mayerson

Mad Love

This drawing I created after I exiled myself from the art world, and we moved to our cabin in California. It's from a film still of the great horror under known classic starring Peter Lorre, as a mad scientist gone wrong, who could only feel through the apparition of sutured machine-like hands. The expulsion of ectoplasmic like inner-bitingness was created with cartoon cel acrylic paint, bringing a hint of animation to this German-directed movie still. After my notorious Jay Gornery NYC debut, I had a Holden Caulfield mendacity-like moment of the artworld—not wanting to just speak to "rich white people" I pulled my work from all the galleries and went off grid to CA—this lasted just a year after this picture, but at the time I felt abject to a fault, but still wanting to produce some synesthetic magic from my pen and brush, in this example, using Lorre as an avatar for both my ill-feeling, but also of strange power.