Blue James Dean, 2004 Oil on Linen 12 × 9 inches
Blue James Dean, 2004
Oil on Linen 12 × 9 inches

This little Dean reflects my interest in this great actor who came to a tragic end after his short career that helped to change the world, but it also is a reflection and homage to Warhol, who was able to project certain melancholia through his Blue Jackie’s. Although he was pointedly one of the least emotional of artists, just by making his work a particular hue it sometimes did create a low buzz of feeling, and these works of his, created just after JFK’s assignation, perhaps have an emotion that one might have felt just looking at the image reproduced in the newspaper. Dean was also the star of the silver screen, and although his three movies were in color, he first emerged in the golden era of television as a disaffected youth in teleplays written by greats like Rod Serling and Clifford Odets. And of course he appeared black and white in the many movie magazines, and had a canny sense of publicity luring photographers to take the many photos of him in his few years in the spotlight, of which this was an appropriation from. Its wonderful to be able to paint such an emotive actor, who was really channeling things in his Monty inspired Method, and it stirs up emotions in me reflecting upon his image, the mood of my mind mostly driving this image that remains a favorite despite the brevity of its execution, like his short life cut short but leaving such an impression.