My American Dream: Capturing a Glimpse of Elaine and her Circle
Iconscape 1 (for Elaine), 2019 Oil on linen 39 × 50 inches
Iconscape 1 (for Elaine), 2019
Oil on linen 39 × 50 inches

Dream space and time is almost impossible to describe–once you begin telling the story of your dreams, language changes it, defying the natural order of things that happen whilst you are sleeping. But pictures say a thousand words, and as one thing leads to the next in the web of automatic imagery, perhaps your unconscious can work faster than your consciousness and ascertain, and you can capture of glimpse of your inner imagination and what is there that speaks to us in dreams. I think if we could project our dreams on a screen, they would be iconic, almost cartoon like essentialized forms of memories of people and places that we project meaning unto later or while we watch what is happening in our inner mind. The Ab Ex artist were into Jung’s theories of the symbolic consciousness and Freud, trying by all kinds of automatic gestures to capture it, and then Duchamp, Marx, and Post-Modernism took us off that track necessarily in an age that the politics required objectifying art and it’s history to understand how patriarchy organized things to support its power, etc. But in the 21st century, perhaps we can have both Freud and Marx in the same camp, and sometimes, especially in our moment, there are sometimes no words, just as in the days of Ab Ex, with the bomb, post-WWII and McCarthy. I have sought since college, inspired by this generation, to realize what they were achieving in their efforts, to bring out that dream space time in a more volumetric, plastic space, like those of Renaissance heroes Fra Angelico or Da Vinci even, but without declaring a specific identity to the ethereal forms that that might in their era give symbolic value too. Maybe there is freedom in how the mind works in ineffable ways, beyond language and understanding, and I want to try to coax the iconic forms and space out into my Iconscapes.