My American Dream: Heroes and Villain
Robert Mueller, 2018 Oil on linen 24 × 26 inches
Robert Mueller, 2018
Oil on linen 24 × 26 inches

This is from an image that ubiquitously is shown by the news, especially the “real news” I like to watch of CNN and MSNBC, usually when they bring up the ongoing Mueller investigation, hoping that he will be the hero that will save us from this devious administration before it brings America to ruin. I feel that the image almost takes on a religious tone, in that many would be almost praying for this man to deliver us from evil, like a Byzantine Icon painting, or—when as it is often juxtaposed to an image of Trump, resembles one my favorite Duccio paintings, which resides at the Met, The Temptation of Christ on the Mountain, where Jesus is casting out Satan. It was an edifying antidote to the news to paint this picture, I too am believing in this man and all he has to stand for. But in listening to news and my favorite rock music in the background, there is a certain pathos in his pained expression—albeit as the photo was most likely from before the Trump era–if my job is to make my paintings transcend the photos they are based upon, the wrinkles of his brow became further unconsciously wrinkled, and his ambivalent expression, both of power but also extreme worry and human frailty, also hopefully come through. He is just a man in the system, and although he is currently in charge of bringing his report to congress, he still could be fired, the report repressed, or some other ill fate could be brought to him and his purpose. Still, as he deeply investigates, I hope the world of his eyes bring about the deepness of his intellectual and emotional soul as he strives to bring about real truths and unpack the insidiousness of our current administration to save democracy and the America that we all love, despite our affiliations, religion, politics, beliefs, and individual differences. Freedom shall hopefully reign!